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Domaine FL winery

Located in Rochefort-sur-Loire, the newly built winery and tasting room was Philip Fournier’s personal vision. The venue is dedicated to environmental balance, understated elegance befitting of the Loire landscape, and precision winemaking tools.

Should you wish to purchase any of our wines, please contact us at The most ideal method of acquiring our wines is to visit us, experience the beauty of the land firsthand, and taste that beauty reflected in our wines.


Our goal is to produce wines that express the terroir of the local appellations. We employ organic practices in the vineyard, and carry this philosophy into the cellar with minimally invasive winemaking techniques.

Certified Organic practices ensure a “living soil”—a healthy, balanced environment that allows for fruit of the very highest quality. Being organic extends well beyond the estate farming, however; the Fournier family has adhered to organic practices in their home for decades. Living organically is not a prescribed formula but rather a heart-felt belief that health and balance are the essence of quality in every aspect of life.

Organic dry farming practices force the roots of the vines to drive deep into the land, which in turn draws expression from the unique soils. This is boosted with meticulous vine management that ensures perfectly ripened fruit of great concentration and complexity. Another prime example of Domaine FL’s dedication to quality is the practice of harvesting all of the fruit over multiple passes as necessary—picking only the optimally ripened clusters and returning over time to retrieve fruit just as it reaches its full potential.

Once this fruit is in the cellar, every step of winemaking continues to support this full expression of terroir. The winery has invested in state-of-the-art stainless steel tanks and oak vats equipped with a thermal regulation system that allows the winemaking team to control the tank temperature individually. With these tools, Domaine FL can allow for a slow, natural fermentation in these temperature-controlled, stainless steel vats or oak barrels before maturing wines on the lees without racking.

Domaine FL winemakers avoid malolactic fermentation in the dry white wines as this maintains their natural acidity and allows for long-term cellaring.

Most wines are aged in oak barrels (except the Anjou Blanc) and the use of neutral and new oak is carefully balanced to allow the wine to breath and gain complexity without a strong oak flavor.

All of these techniques are used to coax the most vibrant aromas and flavors from the fruit, provide a palatable balance between acid, tannins and minerality, and create elegant, age-worthy wines.