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Domaine FL - Anjou Blanc vines

Anjou Blanc

Anjou, one of the widest appellations of the Loire Valley, produces white, rosé and red wines. 

Anjou vineyards are planted mainly on the left bank of the Loire south of Angers in white limestone chalk soils.  These differ from the gravel soils of Savennières and Roche aux Moines and create a distinct underpinning of minerality that is present in the region.

While winemakers in this region are allowed to blend different grapes, Domaine FL only use Chenin Blanc for its white wine and Cabernet Franc, the emblematic red grape of the region, for its Anjou rouge. Anjou Blanc wines are dry and buoyant with delicate notes of stone fruit, mineral, and citrus.

Anjou Blanc wines are characteristically dry with a buoyant/freshness while Anjou Rouge wines are known to exude great finesse, a mineral underscore, and structured with a framing of fine-grained tannins. 

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