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Domaine FL - Savennières Roche aux Moines vines

Savennières Roche aux Moines

Savennières- Roche aux Moines, a sub appellation of Savennières AOC, is one of the finest cru of Anjou. Named for the monks of the Abbey of Saint-Nicolas d'Angers who first planted the vines in 1130, this celebrated AOC encompasses less than 60 planted acres on the right bank of the Loire. 

Stony well-drained schist soils—along with a south-southwest exposure—provide ideal conditions for producing exquisite Chenin Blanc.  The eight winegrowers of Savennières- Roche aux Moines adhere to incredibly meticulous farming and winemaking standards that include: organic farming; sole planting of Chenin Blanc; low yields to ensure flavor concentration; hand harvesting over multiple passes; no chaptalization whatsoever; aging of at least 10 months; and estate bottling. 

By taking such extraordinary measures to ensure quality, the winemakers from this region are crafting the wines from Roche aux Moines like one would a "grand cru". The resulting wines possess a profound eloquence and can age for decades, revealing even greater nuance, complexity, and minerality over time.

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